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Are you looking for a Montana electrical contractor to help you with your new construction? Our skilled team at Sacry Electric is always ready for a new challenge. We are a family-owned and operated business working diligently to deliver quality in our installation, design, and repair work. We've helped to build new construction from single-family, residential homes to large scale, multi-unit apartment complexes. We never compromise on the quality of our work. This ensures that we always deliver exceptional services to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Eletrical Experts for Multi-Family New Construction Builds

Tri Plex New Construction Montana Electrical Contractor

Tri-Plex Construction

4 Plex New Construction Montana Electrical Contractor

Four-Plex Construction

Electrical Contractor Multi Story Apartments

Apartment Complexes

Montana Commercial Electrician Service Near Me

Commercial Electrician

Running a business means maintaining high standards for your customers, from taking care of your business’ landscaping to servicing your building’s commercial electrical system. At Sacry Electric, our commercial electrical services are comprehensive, from emergency response to routine inspections to renovations and upgrades.

Montana Residential Electrician Service Near Me

Residential Electrician

You depend on electricity for so many daily conveniences, from charging your smartphone to keeping the food cold in your refrigerator. Chances are, unless you have a problem, you don’t think about your home’s electrical system, but you should. Experience Matters.

Montana Remodeling Electrician Service Near Me

Remodeling Electrician

With so many potential headaches when it comes to renovation and remodeling, shouldn’t your electricians know what they are doing? We think so! No matter the size or scope of the project, our licensed remodeling electricians can assist you and your contractor with making your dream space a reality.

Whitehall Sacry Electric Contractors Electricians

Installation Services

Want to get new lighting installed in your home? Our experts at Sacry Electric take complete care while installing even the smallest of equipment. We work to keep you and your family safe from electrical dangers.

Build Out Analysis Whitehall Sacry Electric Contractors Electricians

Build-Out Analysis

We provide our customers with professional help to analyze the scope of installation of various electrical equipment in their homes. Call us to get a free quote on our services.

Electrical Repair Services Whitehall Sacry Electric Contractors Electricians

Repair Services

Did your lights go out due to a short circuit? We are here to help. Our team reaches your home or office in no time to effectively deal with the problem and to ensure that you do not face the same problem again.

Whole House Automation Services Whitehall Sacry Electric Contractors Electricians

Whole House Automation Services

Imagine your home appliances being controlled by your voice. It is definitely a big step in the future. At Sacry Electric, we install a whole-house automation system for ensuring an easy and comfortable living.

Led Lighting Design Services Whitehall Sacry Electric Contractors Electricians

LED Lighting Design Services

LED lighting at your place provides a sight that is attractive and pleasing to one’s eyes. Our team of trained and certified professionals suggests and install the best LED lighting to make your place light and bright.

Solar Panel Installation Whitehall Sacry Electric Contractors Electricians

Solar Panel Installation

If you have decided to go green, we will always be there by your side to help you accomplish this goal. We install solar panels at your place with the utmost precision to make sure that the system functions smoothly.

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